Ideal N' Wireless - Repairs
Ideal N' Wireless - Home of the Lifetime Warranty
Ideal N' Wireless offers a wide variety of services, which also include Repairs as well as the Unlocking & Jailbreaking.of devices.
Cracked the screen on your iPhone?  Dropped your phone in the jacuzzi?  Maybe your home button or power button is no longer functional on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod?  WE CAN HELP!!
How about using your iPhone, on T-mobile or using it out of the country?  WE CAN UNLOCK IT!!  We offer an unlocking service for all GSM enabled devices, all makes and models. 
Would you like to customize your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch?  Gain the ability to download 3rd party apps, or download your favorite apps for FREEWE CAN JAILBREAK IT!!
Whether it's a: Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, Lg, Motorola, Samsung, etc.  Whether you just want it unlocked, or ran it over with your car...
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